Photo Retouching & Finished Images

A lot of people ask me what is the difference between a professional photographer and a regular photographer.  The answer is simple - finished images and photo retouching.

Finished images:

A finished image is an image that is complete. In most cases what this means is that your image has been cropped proportionately and is correctly color balanced. Many times a digital camera will take an image that does not exactly match what the eye sees. A professional photographer will notice the difference and adjust the image to display the colors correctly. Also a seasoned photographer knows how to correctly crop an image so that you do not reduce the image resolution. Large photographs require a high resolution to ensure a good quality print.

Photo Retouching:

With the quality of digital cameras today, it is not too difficult to take a good image. A professional photographer can take a good image and convert it into a breathtaking and unique image. Seasoned photographers know what is needed to make an image really "pop".

Take a look at the images below and see how we took good images and made them really stand out. Slide your mouse left and right to see the before and after versions of the image.

Before After

Enhancements: The grass is now green. The Bride and Groom have been adjusted to stand out against the background. and the water and sky have been enhanced to create a warmer image.


Before After

Enhancements: The photo has been lightened overall. The skin has been smoothed/blemishes reduced, make up and the eyes have been brightened so they are more noticible.

Before After

Enhancements: The sky and water have been darkened and had the necessary contrast added to make the happy couple stand out more. Her make up has been darkened to be more noticible and her teeth have been lighted.

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